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best places to visit in Dubai .. visit it

Dubai considers the hub of tourism in the Arab world because it has many touristic monuments and fantastic places, therefore, it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Dubai is the destination of all people from all countries around the world, whether for business or tourism. That made there being multiple cultures and races. Dubai has some marvelous and unique places which will dazzle you such as Tower of the Arabs, Khalifa Tower, Dubai fountain, and other places. Find out Dubai and the best places that we suggest to visit.

top best hotels to stay in Dubai

visa Type

Country Period from entry Career Price Apply Now
Dubai 14 days High professions only 85$ Apply Now
Dubai 30 days High professions only 90$ Apply Now
Dubai 90 days High professions only 250$ Apply Now
Sharjah 30 days All professions 120$ Apply Now
Sharjah 90 days All professions 250$ Apply Now